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Model TI 1205

Standard Current Transformer and
Primary Current Supply

  • To be used as a Reference Standard for accuracy tests of current transformers
  • Unlike other current standard transformers Model TI1205 is very portable for field measurements
  • Can also fed the primary test circuit


  • Current ratio: 5 . . . 1200 / 5 A (21 ratios)
  • Customized ratios available on request
  • Accuracy: 0,005 % 0,5' with current between 1 % and 120 % of In (50 - 60 Hz)
  • Burden on main winding: < 5 VA
  • Input voltage as current supply mode: 0-240 V

Model TI 1205 Standard Current Transformer can be used with advantage for the calibration of current transformers because the same transformer can be used as a standard and to fed the primary current circuit, then reducing the needed equipment. It is designed as a two stages transformer after Brooks and Holtz.

Its accuracy fulfils the requirements of PTB (Germany) on standard transformers that are approved for calibration.


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