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ITTS Series 3.0

Instrument Transformer Test System for
Testing according to IEC and ANSI Standards

Includes Automatic Current and Voltage Comparators, Burdens, Standard Current
and Voltage Transformers, High Current Power Supply, High Voltage Power Supply
and Calibrator.

The Test System ITTS Series 3.0 is a whole assembly for laboratory or field testing of instrument

transformers. The equipments are very compact and can be accommodated inside a van for


The system includes the following equipments:

1.  Automatic Instrument Transformers Test Set Model CTI-CT3


Model CTI Current Comparator lets calibrate current transformers with secondary nominal current

of 1 A or 5 A using a standard current transformer with only 5 A of nominal secondary current.

Model CT3 Voltage Comparator lets calibrate voltage transformers with voltage ratio being different

than that of the standard voltage transformer.

The PC based software guides the operator step by step, calculates ratio and phase errors, and

results can be pasted into Excel or similar format.

Both comparators CTI and CT3 can also be operated manually, by means of a digital oscilloscope

with cursors for voltage readings.

2.  Standard Current Transformer Model TI 1205

Includes most primary currents from 5 A up to 1 200 A (21 ratios)

Secondary nominal current:  5 A

Accuracy is 50 ppm


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