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Model NT 132
Standard Voltage Transformer

  • Portable high voltage standard trans-former for laboratory or field testing
  • Wide range of voltage ratios in a single transformer
  • Because of its great accuracy can be used as a reference transformer
  • Meets requirements of VDE, IEC and IEEE-ANSI standards
  • Fulfilment of the requirements of PTB (Germany) on Standard Transformers that are approved for calibration

Model NT132 is a high accuracy standard voltage transformer to be used in calibration process. Small dimensions and portability makes it very convenient to be used in field calibrations. When used together with CONIMED Model CT3 Voltage Transformers Comparator, it allows calibration of voltage transformers in the range of 13 to 132 kV of nominal voltage.


Primary Nominal Voltages: 33 / 3 - 66 / 3 - 132 / 3 kV
Secondary Nominal Voltage: 110 /
3 V
Others than above primary nominal voltages from 100 V up to 132 /
3 kV can be achieved upon requirement - For customized designes contact factory
Burden: 2,5 VA
Accuracy: 0,01 % 1' ( 0,2 U
n < U < 1,2 Un )

Standard Transformer Model NT 132



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